Wednesday, 8 October 2008

We're having a book sale on Saturday !

We were going to do a bootsale last Sunday but by the time we found out it was on, all the places have been reserved - but then it rained anyway !

So now we're signed up for a booksale at the library (not sure how we'll do because half of them are in English !!!)

It was basically a good excuse for a clearout (after sorting through all the girls' clothes a couple of days before ! ) so we emptied out Sophie's bookcase ...

She's just popped a huge sweet in her mouth which is why she's got a funny face !

Sophie found loads of "baby books" to give to Juliette

Aaaggghh a green tongue, oh no, that's a sweet too !

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Anonymous said...

Too bad, we could have given you some French books and taken some of yours in English!