Monday, 27 October 2008

Well done Sophie !!!

A great big box arrived for Sophie yesterday, she won second prize in a Stabilo drawing competition !!

I took a photo but Mike had already pinched some of it for work !!
Total contents :
big red stabilo rucksack
baseball pen
white stabilo Tshirt
yellow toonity Tshirt
3 manga drawing books
stabilo swanny soft toy keyring
2 balloons
18 felt tip pens
8 chunky felt tips
4 ballpoint pens
4 whiteboard pens
6 chunky 3-in-1 pencils & pencil sharpener
25 finetipped pens
2 baseball caps
18 mini finetipped pens
4 fluorescent highlighters
4 rollerball pens
18 coloured pencils
20 felt tips
fluorescent plastic ghost bookmark
I worked out the value for my competition wins list and it comes to almost €200 !!!

Testing out the new pens
And as Sophie is so extra specially nice to her little sister, she donated all the chubby pens and pencils to Juliette - awwww !
You can help her try to win again in their new competition if you want to too !
You'll need to register by clicking on the homepage (the little house at the top on the left) then give her a big thumbs up for 5 points. She needs to be in the top 10 to win and she's not far off (but then people keep downvoting her too which takes away points ... I might have to play them at their own game if they keep on !!!)

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Anonymous said...

blimey no wonder the post office went bust in east enders you got all the pens!!!I bet Sophie sent in one of my cow pictures,I wondered why she wanted me to draw some,anyway I will only vote if I get a go with all that stuff(glad it didn't come to England!!!byee....the masooses