Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Multi-tasking Mum !

Look what I made !!! OK, so it was flatpack and I only had to put it together but I managed !(except for the lid because I ran out of time and had to go and pick the girls up from school, so Mike can add the safety catch later !) It was actually for Juliette's 3rd birthday back in February and has been in the garage ever since but then we put the house on the market so decided to wait until after the move ... I got fed up of the piles of toys all over the floor though so knocked it up on Tuesday !!

but being a multitasker, I was simultaneously making "brioche" (sweet bread) in the breadmixer so that was just ready for when the girls got home from school too. Impressed ?!!

You should have seen the first effort - it didn't work at all but it gave us all a good laugh !! (Note to self - don't use baking powder (levure chimique), you have to use real yeast powder (levure de boulanger) !

Right, what else needs doing ? (I'm thinking of repainting the doors but I know that if I do one, I'll have to do the whole lot ... and the skirting boards ... and the ceilings .... !!! )


Anonymous said...

Why aren't we like some of the Hindu gods and goddesses? We would defenitely make use of six arms!

Anonymous said...

hi,hi la tartine est presque plus grosse que la tĂȘte de Juliette !