Sunday, 15 March 2009

Juliette's birthday (again !!)

Sophie's looking starry-eyed with Grandad !!

Slobbing out for one second and Sophie gets it on camera !!

Spot the freebie bags !!!

How big is that smile ?!!

Like a duck to water !

Despite her best efforts, there is now no way Sophie can fit her feet in the Fisher Price roller skates, even without shoes on ... but I suddenly had a brainwave that I had some adult rollerblades (that I only wore about twice before falling pregnant with Sophie !!). There size 38 and Sophie's only size 34 but it doesn't seem to bother her !!

A bit wobbly !

Juliette on her new scooter (saved from the binmen, along with various other toys, when a house was cleared a few doors down !)

Quiet play - Moon Sand with the boy next door

First time ever trying out the new rollerblades !

Aaaaggghhh crash !!!

You'd never know this is only the second or third time she's been on them !

The puppies are growing up fast !

Two weeks old now. They're starting to walk instead of crawling along on their tummies and a few of them are starting to open their eyes.

This was last week

They were crawling all over the place this morning but the video's a bit dark because the shutters were still shut !

Here he is !!

Normally you look at the scan pics and can't tell which way up they're supposed to be but it's all gone hi-tech now.

the classic 2D scan pic

It looks more impressive when they flip over to 3D !

camera shy - hiding his face behind his hands !
Proof that it's a little boy !!! It may look like a duck but it's his willy !!
It's amazing what they can check these days - this is checking the blood supply in both directions to the artery in his brain !

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Please vote for Princess Juliette

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Thanks ! Competition ends at the end of the month

Monday, 2 March 2009

Umm I don't remember them tasting like this !!

Here we go again ... OK, let's do something savoury for a change. Cheese puffs. Remember that really old recipe ? Flour, butter, milk, cheese, egg, baking powder ... hmmm haven't got baking powder but bicarbonate of soda should do ! Oh and let's use up the apple muffin mix at the same time.

Splosh !

Can I taste the muffin mix, Mum?

Sophie checks the recipe

Can I lick it ?

"Smile Mum!" Oi that's my job !

Cheese puffs - they look right ... but when I opened the oven it stank of ammonia and if you break the cakes open, they have a faint whiff of ammonia too. So where did that come from ?!

Aaahhh luckily the apple muffins turned out ok !

Juliette's birthday

Due to me and the girls being really sick (literally !) with gastric flu, we had to postpone the big birthday meal that was planned and go for (a very watered down) plan B.

So what shall we do today to mark the occasion girls ?

Big girl's hair

Dressing up

Can I be a princess all day long ?

Me too !

A couple of goes on the roundabouts (that are there for carnaval)

And then follow the "bande" to the town hall to get a bag of sweets each

Can I blow the candles out now ?

Don't forget to make a wish (last year's was "Can I go in Grandad's car now ?" !! )

Where did you get that hat ?

It's the Happy Birthday hat !

Look at our new settee

Not really, we just changed the cover !!

The Fabulous Baker Girls

I'm a big girl, I do it !

First time at being the cake stirrer !

But Sophie wants a go too !

Take it in turns and see who can get the most on the table !

Time for icing, choose your colour. Blue for Juju ...

Gold for Sophie

Tada ... can we eat them now, Mum ?