Sunday, 12 September 2010

More Turkey than Christmas !

It's tiring being on holiday !

They're all taken one after the other in the same spot so put them in order and you'll get a Turkish sunset as it happens !

The waiters all loved Pierre !

And Pierre loved Turkish bread !

Hmmm that's both girls sorted out for their 18th birthday in the paper photos !

Not quite as impressive as the bed clothes sculptures in Tunisia but not bad !

and that's all folks, until next year ! Back to photos at home now !

Am I boring you yet ?!

boogying before lunch !

Yalikavak bus station !

The Cactus Beach Hotel

mini disco every evening

the mini club table for dinner

Sophie and Omar go kayaking in the sea

sleeping on the sun lounger under the parasol !

How white are we ? You can tell we've just arrived !

on the balcony

The local markets

sticky honey cakes and wafer thin Filo pastry sheets

all sorts of nuts

Pierre fell asleep in the sling !



Have you seen the melon man, the melon, the melon man ... but he doesn't live on Drury Lane !