Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Let them eat cake !

Ta da, the finished article !!!

I've never eaten pink cake before !!!

Sophie took over as chief photographer !!

What you don't want your washing machine to do after messy play !!

Blooming ecotabs - "do your washing at 30°, save energy and be nice to the planet" - then you have to wash everything twice which defeats the whole object !!

Mum, it's the holidays, can we do messy play ?!!

Well I tried convincing them sticker books counted as creative play but it wasn't messy enough !!

Taking it very seriously

the two handed technique !

It's Rolf Harris !!

"That's a plate and a knife and a fork and a glass ..."

Right now, hands in the air, don't touch anything and direction, the bath !!!

The girls made me birthday cake !

Juliette's joined the ranks of the big girls so she started the stirring today !!

Sophie wanted a pink cake so we added red food colouring to the cake mix !!!

Next stop, using up some of the sugar dough and food colourings that have been in the back of the cupboard sinc I won them months ago !! Sophie said "Look Mum, does this look like my heart ?" !!!

I even won the leaf and flower cutters - is there anything in my house that wasn't a freebie ?!!

Maybe she will be a cake designer when she's older !

and she even enjoys doing the cleaning up afterwards !!

(You'll see the finished cake in another post !!)

Christmas-time is coming ...

... and look what we found at the supermarket on the way home from the circus zoo ! I love the way the girls' eyes look so star-struck !! And Juliette finally decided she was brave enough for me to put money in it and not be scared (but is that really a good thing ?!!)

Look at Sophie's eyes shining !!!

"So do you like it Juliette ?" "Yeah, I'm not scared, I'm a big girl now ..." (and she was too blown away by Father Christmas to add "I can go in grandad's car now" !!!)
To us it's a lump of plastic, to Juliette it's obviously a whole lot more !!!
Awww a quick kiss goodbye, see you in a couple of months Santa !!

The circus came to town

So we did our traditional trip to the circus zoo to see the animals

Sophie showing off her new hat

This bear spent the whole time spark out on his back - I'm sure it needs drug-testing !

pooey pig

sheep with a bad perm

Sophie took over the camera and took a picture of every single animal (she's been watching Emily too much !!)

this one looks like he's smiling !

one legged goose (not really !!)

just as I took the photo, it did a big wee and poo and the girls watched in fascination !!!

the other bear kept pacing around looking bored
I bet you could make some of these animals talk Emily !! ;-)

Monday, 27 October 2008

Where did you get that hat ?

Mamie made it !!!

Not to be outdone by Sophie !!!

I won a competition back in the summer for a bathbomb and a slice of soap, queried it on the forum because it never arrived and they said to take it up with the magazine site running the comp (which I did last week but no response so far).Today, a box arrived from Lush with :
a pot of ocean salt facial scrub
a bar of fées démoniaques soap that smells gorgeous
a bathbomb
a little pot of Potion solid perfume
a little pot of Go Green solid perfume
a little pot of Flying Fox temple balm (which stinks so probably works well !!)
Oooh I love Lush !!!
I looked at the prices on the website and that almost €50 worth !!!

Well done Sophie !!!

A great big box arrived for Sophie yesterday, she won second prize in a Stabilo drawing competition !!

I took a photo but Mike had already pinched some of it for work !!
Total contents :
big red stabilo rucksack
baseball pen
white stabilo Tshirt
yellow toonity Tshirt
3 manga drawing books
stabilo swanny soft toy keyring
2 balloons
18 felt tip pens
8 chunky felt tips
4 ballpoint pens
4 whiteboard pens
6 chunky 3-in-1 pencils & pencil sharpener
25 finetipped pens
2 baseball caps
18 mini finetipped pens
4 fluorescent highlighters
4 rollerball pens
18 coloured pencils
20 felt tips
fluorescent plastic ghost bookmark
I worked out the value for my competition wins list and it comes to almost €200 !!!

Testing out the new pens
And as Sophie is so extra specially nice to her little sister, she donated all the chubby pens and pencils to Juliette - awwww !
You can help her try to win again in their new competition if you want to too !
You'll need to register by clicking on the homepage (the little house at the top on the left) then give her a big thumbs up for 5 points. She needs to be in the top 10 to win and she's not far off (but then people keep downvoting her too which takes away points ... I might have to play them at their own game if they keep on !!!)

Souvenirs souvenirs !!

Internet is brilliant !!

I looked around for people who were on holiday in Tunisia in the same hotel as us this summer and found a couple who brought home the music with them ! So one of them (who has the same surname as us, that's a bit freaky !!) sent us a CD with all the Tunisian music they used to play every day on it - the girls were already dancing around the room like loonies !!

Then the next day, another woman sent me a few songs from the mini disco !!

Check out Sophie and Juliette doing the Mini Disco dances !!!

It starts off quite slow and sensible ...

Then they go loopy (especially Juliette) !!!

And then there's the other Mini Disco classic, Hey Baby !

Is it me or does Sophie get a sneaky donk on the head in here when she sidles up to Juliette ?!!

The House Fairy went to Paris

because she left us Eiffel Tower lollipops today !!!

That should last them until the end of the holidays at least (then it'll be Halloween and St Martin and they'll have sweets coming out of their ears !!)

My new toy !!

I cashed in all my points on one of the consumer research panels I do so I could get myself a freebie ice cream machine.
I was a bit disappointed at first because you can't use anything lumpy, including fruit, chocolate or nuts (because they say it'll clog up the nozzle). Bang goes my idea of using up the frozen pineapple then !!
But I tried out nutella ice cream, like the ice cream seller in the park.
The girls wanted to try it out straight away but you have to freeze the bowl for 8-24 hours.
Once that's done, it only takes 20 minutes or so. It says the first bit will come out liquid then after 1 minute, it should start coming out solid.
It never did start coming out solid but the girls were too lipatient to let me keep it going any longer so they ate the whole lot as soup ! Juliette even drank hers with a straw !!! Taste wise it was spot on though, I'll have another go later on and aybe reduce the quantity of milk in it. (Or keep the girls out of the way so I can keep the machine running for longer !!)
Only good thing is, I failed in my mission to buy ice cream cones ... which is just as well or it would have been extremely messy !!!