Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A few random pics to finish

what's behing the blue door today ?!

Monastir, where we stayed - apparently this fort was where they filmed Monty Python's 'The Life of Brian' !!!

the souk in Sousse

the pirate ship we went out on and got to see wild dolphins

All the little stalls in the souk sell these baby tortoises and they keep telling you how to smuggle them out - "put them in a cigarette packet or your child's pocket, nobody will know" - when I pointed out that was illegal, they just shrugged and said it didn't matter !! Sophie liked them until one did a wee on her hand !!!

Camel alert !!

All week, Sophie wanted to see a camel ... on the very last day, a couple of hours before flying out, her wish came true and they trundled across the hotel beach !!!

Bit uncomfortable, Mike ?!!

Aaahhh their first holiday romance !

with Adèle and Romeo from the mini-disco (Romeo and Juliette !!!)

Nabil, who spent the whole time annoying Juliette by saying "but Juliette, I love you ... I want to marry you" !!!

What else can you do when it's too hot to go in the pool ?

go to to the hairdresser at the hotel to get loads of braids put in to stay cool

get a henna tattoo done

a little dolphin "tattoo" for Juliette

have an ice cream (and get more on your nose than in your mouth)

show off your sunburn !

show little sister how to eat an ice cream and stay clean

chill out at the pool bar

play mini golf at the hotel

Back to what they love best !

on about day 2 - day 1 was when she didn't want to in any further than her ankles !!

posing by the pool

the shallow end of the big pool was 1m50 so it was rubber ring all the way !!

oi wake up !!

the "taxi-bouée", the rubber ring-taxi - otherwise known as riding mum around the pool all day !

aaagghhh the start of the sunburn, despite the factor 30 every hour and staying in the shade - that's English skin for you !

practicising for the synchronised swimming in the next Olympics ?

looking fed up because the pool man hasn't finished cleaning it yet so she has to wait to go in !

Our day trip out to the Berbère villages

a sunrise like that almost makes getting up at 5.30 while on holiday worth it !

up in the mountain village

this blue colour is everywhere in Tunisia - some say it keeps away the evil eye and someone else told us it keeps away mosquitoes !!!

in the shade of an olive grove

prickly pears (or Barbary figs as they're known in French, which is one of the official languages of Tunisia) are everywhere

our transport for the day

poor donkey carrying everything to market in sweltering heat

waiting for daddy to finish in the hammam (steam baths)

oh here he is !!!

Juliette getting her henna tattoo done

with the woman who ran the Berbère village

couldn't be tempted to try the narguilé (hookah) even if they do come in strawberry, mint and pretty much anything else flavour !

I couldn't live full-time in tunisia - the men sit in the shady huts and the women have to bring them the plates of couscous to eat !

all the women had to dress up in Berbère clothes and Sophie became chief musician in charge of the tambourine !

dancing around Sophie who loved being the centre of attention !!

mini disco every night !

Even the parents had to join in ... Mike being a bird ...

... Sophie being a kangaroo ! ...

a well-earned drink

tired out but still on the go

Even when I got dragged up to be the guitarist, Juliette wanted to come with me !