Friday, 10 December 2010

Pierre's new garage

Look what Father Christmas at Daddy's works brought for Pierre !

He may still not be walking yet but he does like standing up to play with it !

Look what happens when Pierre wants to feed himself !

The bit I like is the grains of sweetcorn and rice on his head !

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree ... !

Juliette does a little tree for the table ...

while Sophie and Mike do the big one !

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Too cold to play outside to time to get baking !

What can you make with a cupboard full of porridge and honey ?

Flapjacks of course !

Sophie can't bear the waiting around for them to cool down !

Time to eat all the crispy bits in the bottom of the tin ! Yum !

Sophie seemed gobsmacked that you could actually make your own cereal bars, like we'd just built our own computer from scratch or something ! I suppose she's never thought about where they come from !

Pierre wanted a little taste too !

Next up was a coconut and honey cake.

Sophie's progressed on to real cooking now too !