Thursday, 22 April 2010

The circus came to town (again !)

Juliette asked why the camel had toothpaste in its mouth !

The sneaky horse untying his own ropes !

horse with pale blue eyes

More coat-testing !

yes it was blowing a gale on the cliffs above Calais !

and yes, I said in the review that the hood was too big !

First tooth on the horizon

click on the photo to see it enlarged and look closely at his gums ! it's right through now

Sleepover !

Well, Sophie stayed over at her friend's house so it was time for us to return the favour !

Face paint testing

Not bad for a first attempt !

First day of the Easter holidays

slightly over-efficient fridge - if it touches the back of the fridge, it all becames encased in ice !!

too cold for a picnic outside !!

Posing in the park

You'll get sick of seeing photos of Juliette in her pink coat but I have to send in photos of her wearing it for the product test !!