Tuesday, 30 June 2009

First step to being self-sufficient !

The first (and only so far !!) carrot out of out plant pots on the patio !!

Look closely ...

How many dogs are in this picture ?

answer ... three ! It's Big Brother time !!

Léo came for a quick visit - he's almost bigger than Vicky now !!

How many people can you fit on one settee ?

There's something about sitting on Grandad's lap that always makes Juliette pull funny faces - it must be catching !!

Let's go fly a plane in the park (another one of Grandad's great ideas !!!)

Well Juliette still looks impressed, even if it didn't fly (the puppy has since chewed the wings a bit, it might have improved the design !!)

Ooh blimey, it's care in the community day and they've let out the local loonies !!

Wow, you both actually look quite sane for a while !!

Showing off the new haircut

We're all quackers !!

The things you do to win a competition ... this time it's, take a pic of you with your duck !!!

so which one's a winner ?!

Beat the heat haircuts !

Well the hot weather has descended upon us so it's time for the annual summer crop - except this time, the girls wanted to go to a "proper grown-up hairdresser's" instead of having a DIY mum's special !!

I think the Pucca face means she's excited !!

front ...

and back - I tested out the layers look on Sophie before adopting it myself, as she's got the same hair as me !!

Oops, grumpy face - hot and tied after walking back home in the blazing heat - she likes her new hair though !

Monday, 22 June 2009

Look what you could have eaten if you'd come a week earlier !!!

Juliette's taken over from Sophie as head chef (Sophie wanted to play with her Nintendo DS outside with the neighbours, all grown up already !!)

Tada, pineapple upside down cake ... and no, it isn't burnt, I only had dark brown sugar instead of light brown sugar in the cupboard !!

Crafty challenge 1 down, 49 to go !! - baby's rag book

This has been taking up space for yonks because I knew it would annoy me when finished because the pages aren't all exactly the same size !! Oh well, it's finished now !!
Right, what's next ?!!

Shaggy dog story

Didou suddenly looks almost as big as Vicky since she's been to the groomers !!

Pretending to be a cuddly toy !!

Picnic in the park

As always happens when Mike has to have lunch with a client, we headed off to goat park for a picnic, nature walk, play area and well deserved ice cream !

looking for moles !!

Ahh they've been brought up well, they kept going "ooooh the people on that table were naughty, they left all their rubbish, that's not nice for the planet" !!!

Sophie looking slightly cheesed off because the ice cream she chose ended up smaller than everyone else's !! But it all worked out ok in the end because Juliette wanted to swap anyway !!

Juliette's photo of me - is she trying to tell me something, like ... all we can see now is your huge belly ?!!

Sophie's photo of me !!

The birdhouse in the background - totally mesmerised Juliette because there was a dead bird in there !!!

Look carefully. Arty shot of both girls on the swings !!

I'm sure I have exactly these photos of me when I was a kid - some things never change !!

Getting a bit too big now !