Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Let's go fly a plane in the park (another one of Grandad's great ideas !!!)

Well Juliette still looks impressed, even if it didn't fly (the puppy has since chewed the wings a bit, it might have improved the design !!)

Ooh blimey, it's care in the community day and they've let out the local loonies !!

Wow, you both actually look quite sane for a while !!

Showing off the new haircut

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Anonymous said...

I think Juliette thinks all my ideas are good (she will soon learn)that was a nice day out trying to fly the plane(Iam already thinking about the next surprise toy,I think Mike is enjoying these as much as me,have we tried the lemonade rocket yet?or the vinegar and bicarb volcano...very messy that one)