Sunday, 25 January 2009

Big girls' bikes !!

Sophie got a new bigger bike for Christmas and last week, Juliette got her first ever big girl's bike for her birthday (a couple of weeks early). You'd never know this was their first time trying them out !!

video 1 - "It's boring staying in first gear !!!"

video 2 : Keep your eyes on the road !!!

Our new bed !!

I got fed up of the mattress sliding off whenever I leant up against the wall so we bought a new bed - in fact, our first ever bedframe ! How's that for luxury !! It's stopped smelling like a woodshop now !!

The spiders have been busy

A couple of weeks ago, it was really cold and the temperatures didn't get above freezing for about a week so everything was white, all the trees, the grass, the houses ... and all the spiders webs showed up around the patio !!

New Year in Daoulas

Christmas in Hastings photos are on Mike's camera so you'll have to wait a bit longer for those !!

off to feed the ducks

waiting for the little train

New Year's Eve

cute pics from December and January

It's the "galette des rois" cake for Epiphany in France - all the kids in Juliette's class made a crown

She's been on the loony-juice again !!

"I'm a big girl now" !!!

She plays nice and quietly in her room ... but tidying up takes 3 hours !!

Tired out from all that playing

Sophie's "princess picnic food" - the things that look like mouse poo are dried blueberries (it was a free sample but apparently they are very nice !!)

awwwwwww you'd never know they spent half their life fighting !!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Better late than never - xmas decorations !

First job - untangling the fairy lights

Sorting out the bags of sparklies

Juliette and her twin sister !

Oh no, hope she's not allergic to Christmas !!

Excited, Sophie ?!

All done - just have to wait for Father Christmas to deliver the presents now

When you've finished decorating the tree, there's nothing left except decorating yourselves !