Thursday, 10 September 2009

and the new theme is ... sunglasses !

The girls testing out their cool new shades all the way from the States !! Sophie thinks they're cool because they give you googly-eyes !! Review here :

awww that was probably our last summertime meal !

Look mum, I made you a special drink !!

It's so much more fun than when it comes out of a tin !!

this year's discovery at Mamie & Papy's in Brittany - spare ribs on the barbecue !

Mike deserves a nice cold beer after cooking all the food on the barbie !

fruit salad anyone ?

do you want some mum ?

time to play with the moonsand on the patio

How cute is this little koala ?!!

Who'd have thought it ? A sleepy little koala in St Pol sur Mer !!!

A gorgeous koala suit sent all the way from Australia - it's so cute !! All the mums were cooing all over him at the school gates today ! Big thanks to Danieka !!
The girls wanted to dress him up as soon as it arrived but we had a bit of a mini heatwave here yesterday so it was too hot !
They loved the bracelets too !!

Oh happy days !!

Check out the big grins !!

Oh that'll explain it - mummy's won a year's supply of Poppets !!! With four of us munching our way through them, they'll never last a year though !!

Why do we buy toys ?!! They made the box into a monster costume then when it finally broke apart, it was transformed into an armchair !!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

all blogged out for the day !

Well, I've finally caught up with most of it - I have a few more photos from the last couple of weeks to add so watch this space over the next few days !

I've found out how to add you to the list of people who get an email every time I add a blogpost so leave me a message if you want to be added (don't leave your email though or you'll get spammed to death ! )

Our huge nature walk when I was 8 and a half month's pregnant !

a 2-hour-walk in the dunes !! The girls discovered caterpillars and woodlice. I don't know who was the most worn out at the end !!!

some old old photos you might like !!

These are from ages ago but we've just cleared out Mike's camera so it's the first time we've seen them on the computer !!

Umm not sure who put that outfit together !!

she looks soooo young !

awwww Sam the dog :-(

It's Billy Whizz / Titeuf !!

However long he's been laying on it, his hair STILL sticks up at the back !!

He now smiles and is almost laughing and babbling- you can see he's trying but no sound comes out !!

Again ... again !!!

spot me & Pierre in the background !!

this is the face she pulls every single time she comes round !!