Saturday, 29 November 2008

random pics to finish !

Daddy on the Playstation

Making cherry muffins

Yeah, I know it's got raw eggs in it but generations of cake bowl lickers did it and survived !!!

If you want the rainbows, you've got to be prepared to put up with the rain (as said somebody famous !!)

Looking very proud of her new shoes and new coat

Ahhhhh it's doudou back from his holidays !!!

He got left behind at Tata Anne-Laure's house and when he suddenly reappeared in the post, Juliette was blown away and decided Father Xmas sent him !!!

Aaaggghhh get them to a doctor !!

Not really, it's a blue-tongue lollipop from halloween !!! .... but Juliette's tonsils really are dodgy (see first picture !!!) and they're both coughing like chain-smokers when they get up in the morning.

and if you like that ...

you can go here and vote for it !!!

Many thanks in advance !!

There's another voting competition that ends tomorrow too ...

Look for Sophie with her strange glasses !! Sorry about the really loud music, I can't work out how to turn it off !!!

It's time for the countdown to xmas !

My patchwork/cross stitch advent calendar .... phew just about finished it in time for the girls to count down to xmas !!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Monday night was St Martin in Dunkirk

Juliette was still scared to death !!

Sophie's been eating Ready Brek again !!

Waiting for the procession to arrive

Wow, he seems to have got younger since we saw him at the town hall 1/2 hour ago !!

Awwww his poor old donkey gets swamped at the end.

Daddy, do the monster !!!

They used to want to do this every night but then they got too excited to go to sleep so I said no, now it's just for Sunday mornings !!! Sorry about the messy cupboards !!!

Mouse pizza anyone ?!!

So what else did you do in the holidays then ?

played our Dora game on the computer

invited the neighbours round to play

went to the library

read magazines

and got so tired out I fell asleep in front of a DVD

Roll up roll up get your sugarbeet here !!

It's St Martin again so the council give out free sugarbeet to anyone who wants to participate in the sugarbeet competition (everybody gets a prize so needless to say, we do it every year !!!)

First you have to wash all the mud off

Juliette chose the baby beet (you pick your own out of a big skip full of beet)

Sophie wanted big ones

Here we go, time to get messy !!

Hmmmm what's that going to be ?!!

aaggghhhh Juliette with her baby ghost

Sophie with her witch (I can sense a Halloween theme going on here !!)

a ghost, a goldfish and a ladybird !!
Time to drop them off for judging before they go all mouldy and wrinkly !

I've been busy this weekend

You only get an email about once a year from ebay offering free listing so you have to take advantage of it. I managed to get 81 items up for sale until I was all ebayed out and couldn't take any more !!

Let me know if you want to buy anything, I'll give you a discount !!!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Quick, hide your daughters, bingybob is coming to town !!!

Our final visit to the circus zoo (they left today)

I can't upload videos at the moment (internal server problems) so I'll send you via my balado links. While you're there you can help me out by giving them five stars each !!!

The bear and the monkeys look really sad ... but the pig looks happy as a pig in **** (which is probably because he was !!! )

He looks like he's saying "now go home and leave me alone" !!

Second attempt at making ice cream !!!

Tried strawberry this time. Bit better but still not very solid - it looked and tasted exactly like a McDonalds strawberry milkshake !!

They taste so much better when you won them !!!

Sophie's still working her way through the 230-odd ice poles she won this summer !!!

The Halloween monsters are out !

Decisions decisions - time to empty out the dressing up box and decide what to wear !

some little trick or treat bags I decided to make the night before !

Juliette decided on this costume and wanted to have bear make up !!!

Just about ready to go

They came back with 2.5 kgs of sweets !! And it St Martin next week so they'll get even more !

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Let them eat cake !

Ta da, the finished article !!!

I've never eaten pink cake before !!!

Sophie took over as chief photographer !!