Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Don't forget the "older posts"

I've filled up three pages so you'll have to click twice at the bottom right hand corner to see all the new photos ! Enjoy !

some cute pics of Pierre to finish off (or to start with if you're working through backwards !)


Deciding she wants to try out the babywalker for old time's sake !

Rugrat time !

How did a baby get in that mirror ?

Shingles is no fun

Some totally unsensible photos of the kids !

Would have been a nice pic if Pierre hadn't shoved his fingers up his nose !

First ... time on two legs !

He's not in any hurry to crawl but does seem to like standing up now

First ... time as an 8-month-old !

The terrible trio !

Still got his mouth open in the babywalker !!

Guess who's been painting in the loft ?!

First ... time as a punk rocker !

Sid Vicious, eat your heart out !

First ... time in drag !

Not really, he'd just been eating blueberry and apple puree ... but I wonder if he was trying to copy his dad at carnival time !

Some sensible(ish) pictures of the girls

That lollipop's almost as big as her entire head !

Sophie with her plaster-of-Paris brain (yes, really !)

(I just know Grandad's going to write a silly comment about the Playmobil figure ! )

First ... tooth possibly starting to surface ?

Juliette's birthday - part 378 (oh ok, maybe about 4 or 5)

with the godparents - wearing her brand new clothes (with the top on backwards !!)