Friday, 10 December 2010

Pierre's new garage

Look what Father Christmas at Daddy's works brought for Pierre !

He may still not be walking yet but he does like standing up to play with it !

Look what happens when Pierre wants to feed himself !

The bit I like is the grains of sweetcorn and rice on his head !

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree ... !

Juliette does a little tree for the table ...

while Sophie and Mike do the big one !

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Too cold to play outside to time to get baking !

What can you make with a cupboard full of porridge and honey ?

Flapjacks of course !

Sophie can't bear the waiting around for them to cool down !

Time to eat all the crispy bits in the bottom of the tin ! Yum !

Sophie seemed gobsmacked that you could actually make your own cereal bars, like we'd just built our own computer from scratch or something ! I suppose she's never thought about where they come from !

Pierre wanted a little taste too !

Next up was a coconut and honey cake.

Sophie's progressed on to real cooking now too !

Sunday, 28 November 2010

So have they grown ?!

The tooth fairy has got her work cut out

One tooth came out ...

Then the one next to it started wiggling ...

Since then that one's fallen out too and the one at the top in the middle has started wiggling now !

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Back with a new camera !!

Oops, we had camera problems which meant that our computer wouldn't recognise it so I couldn't upload any photos ! All sorted now though, especially as Mike bought me a new camera for my birthday ! Time to play catch up ! ...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

More Turkey than Christmas !

It's tiring being on holiday !

They're all taken one after the other in the same spot so put them in order and you'll get a Turkish sunset as it happens !

The waiters all loved Pierre !

And Pierre loved Turkish bread !

Hmmm that's both girls sorted out for their 18th birthday in the paper photos !

Not quite as impressive as the bed clothes sculptures in Tunisia but not bad !

and that's all folks, until next year ! Back to photos at home now !

Am I boring you yet ?!

boogying before lunch !

Yalikavak bus station !

The Cactus Beach Hotel

mini disco every evening

the mini club table for dinner

Sophie and Omar go kayaking in the sea

sleeping on the sun lounger under the parasol !

How white are we ? You can tell we've just arrived !

on the balcony