Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Too cold to play outside to time to get baking !

What can you make with a cupboard full of porridge and honey ?

Flapjacks of course !

Sophie can't bear the waiting around for them to cool down !

Time to eat all the crispy bits in the bottom of the tin ! Yum !

Sophie seemed gobsmacked that you could actually make your own cereal bars, like we'd just built our own computer from scratch or something ! I suppose she's never thought about where they come from !

Pierre wanted a little taste too !

Next up was a coconut and honey cake.

Sophie's progressed on to real cooking now too !


wendy_mcd83 said...

Perfect for this cold weather...nothing beats home baking!!

@tonicaddis said...

oh how i wish id listen to my mother and kept baking ingrediants in im snowed in and would have loved doing to be baking today lessons learnt

Jen said... little girl loves it when we bake together.
It just shows that you can make something delicious out of a couple of ingredients that you may already have :)

tinam1 said...

Awww, I've not had flapjacks in forever you've inspired me to get baking.

Anonymous said...

This made me very hungry!

luckybaker said...

love home baking..looks really good,well done x