Sunday, 31 August 2008

What do you do when you win a bagload of peanut butter ?!!

Make peanut butter cookies of course !!!

Daddy's girls !

sunny weather = ...

Mike gets the barbecue fired up !

originally posted : 24th July 2008

Having fun girls ?

originally posted : 24th July 2008

So what do you think of the holidays so far ?

Early morning before I sent her to get her glasses on !!!

Mad dogs and French/English girls go out in the midday sun !

originally posted : 24th July 2008

But only under the parasol !!

Oops pooper-scooper duty was not yet done !!! (Don't worry, it was as soon as this photo had been taken !!)

The first sunny day of the holidays - yahoo !!!

I'm sure that dog thinks it's human !!

The girls discover Lush !

orginally posted : 24th July 2008

This time, Sophie yelled : "Mum, the postman's brought something that smells like that shop you always go in in England that smells really nice with all the bath stuff and soap ..." !!!

They definitely take after their mum !!!

"Mum, breakfast's ready !"

Sophie keeps coming and waking me up to say she's got breakfast ready ! She even tells me there's fruit (cherries and fruit puree), cheese and yoghurts (dairy products) and bread or crepes (cereals) so all the food groups are covered ! (I'm not making this up, honest !! And I only told her once or twice, I'm not a food-Nazi, honest !!! )

The only thing is ... why does it have to be at 7.30 every day ? I wouldn't mind a lie-in or two !!!

originally posted : July 24th 2008

Awww sisterly love and all that

originally posted : 24 July 2008

(when they're not squabbling and annoying each other !!! )

"I've got a bit of lollipop stuck in my wobbly tooth now !"

Sophie is now a triathlete !!!

original post : 24th July 2008

Well, sort of !! She took part in the McDonalds Kids Iron Tour which was supposed to be a triathlon - swimming 20m, running 500m and cycling 1000m - but the weather was drizzly and windy so they scrapped the swimming bit (which Sophie was pleased about because she's still not an overly confident swimmer ! ) She got loads of goodies - baseball caps, Tshirt, sports drinks bottle, pens, frisbee, and best of all, a medal !! - so she was well chuffed. Even Juliette got some goodies and she must take after her mum too, she ran off to the free snacks stand three times to grab nectarines, babybel cheese and sunny delight drinks to take home for later !!!

Cycling proficiency with the gendarmes (she should get a Tufty Club badge now !!! )

Looking a bit worried because the bike was a bit big !

A medal no less !

Here we go again !

Egoweblog, the people who hosted my old blog are no more so, as from today, my old blog will be no more too. So I'll transfer some of the last few messages over (so Emily, you won't miss out on the last lot of photos !!) then pick up where we left off. Hopefully it's not too complicated to set up a blog on blogger !!

I'll transfer over July's messages

The old blog is here (for as long as it lasts, in theory today is the last day) :