Friday, 26 February 2010

Little man's growing up - 7 months old now

There were three in the bed

Oh no, make that the bath !

Half term fun

Every morning, Sophie & Juliette prepared breakfast with different themed decorations then came and woke me up !

So where are the dollies sleeping ?!

Painting cardboard boxes provided hours of entertainment for some reason !

Playing dress up with leotards and make-up !

Lock up your daughters, Grandad's on his way !

Juliette and Grandad with exactly the same expression !

Remember Zammo on Grange Hill ?! (Just say no !)

STILL excited about blowing out the candles !

Daddy does it too !

From the usual Aunt Sally to a very virile (by comparison !) Uncle Sam this year !

Kiddie carnival

Don't mess with Big Squaw !

Black cat and Snow White

Juliette had fun with the confetti, Sophie loved getting stuck into the bundles !

People kept coming and taking my photo with Pierre - found this one online !!

Reminds me of cookery lessons at school

Hubble bubble toil and trouble !

Patiently waiting for the pancakes to cook !

Pancakes went down very well !

Right, pancakes all munched - on to the fairy cakes

One for the cakes, one for my mouth (don't tell Nanny !!)

Gorgeous (sort of !)

My trusty reviewers are at it again !

Pierre gets to taste UK baby food - went down very well

and Juliette has permanently pinched the new sippy cup !

Juliette's 5th birthday

eating leftover birthday cake the next day - had to get the candles out all over again !!

but it's still just as exciting when you're 5 !

Monday, 15 February 2010