Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Annual Toy Fair in St Pol sur Mer

pottery class

Teachers were on strike yesterday

Juliette got to play on the computer for the first time ever

and Sophie had a friend over for the afternoon to play in her new room !

The girls discover crumpets !

I'd never have thought of putting Nutella on crumpets but it was nice apparently !

Anything big sister can do ...
Last word from Juliette : "I like crumps, they're yummy " !

Haha, I'm not the only one who can feed him now !

It's looks like they all spend their whole lives feeding him now so I'd just like to point out, he's only had about 3 bottles of milk and 4 yoghurts in total - I just got the camera out each time !!

More new experiences !

Getting ready for the childminder's - he looks like he's been doing it for years !

Move Over Gok Wan, How to Look Good Naked Canine Style

(I was going to put doggy-style but thought I'd pull in everyone looking for porn !!)

Before ...

... and after ! They look tiny now !

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Getting there !

Sophie was hoping to go up in to her new room at the weekend but we had to give the new floor a week or two to settle so to help her wait, we put up the first of the wall stickers we have had to test. Stage two should hopefully be this weekend !

A few extras just because he's such a cutie !

a little heartbreaker in the making !

4 months old so time for ....

... banana baby yoghurt !

ate half a banana yoghurt on the first attempt - ate a whole strawberry yoghurt on day two so obviously decided he liked it !

and Juliette was happy to finish off any leftovers !

Child & Baby Show

It comes around every two years and this year's theme was science and space.

making chocolate chip, candied peel and raisin fairy cakes

making fizzy lemon drink (water, sugar, lemon juice and bicarbonate of sode - hmmm not overly convinced but it gives you the idea !!)

making electricity by rubbing a plastic spoon on a cloth so that the salt and pepper sticks to it I can understand (friction) - but I still can't figure out how putting a copper coin on top of a slice of gherkin on top of a sheet of aluminium foil can make electricity ??? !

making candy floss and they even got to choose the colour/flavour

it made your tongue blue though !

it's candy floss, she hasn't got rabies !!

it's even bigger than her bump !

putting on the anti-gravity boots to go walking on the moon !

you could tell the people who made this stand had had great fun !!

collecting stars on the moon - all it needs is a bit of imagination and a lot of foil !