Thursday, 30 July 2009

crafty challenge 4 - cross stitch English country garden

Usual cross stitch uses 2 threads - you can't really see it in the picture but this uses different textures with 1, 2, 4 or 6 threads, little beads and ribbon rosettes.

some photos courtesy of Mamie and Papy last week

proud sister number 1 (first day back from Mamie & Papy's so meeting Pierre for the first time !)

proud sister number 2

Can't think why but ... Why do they look more sensible than the English version ?!!!

the whole family reunited !

does he know he's not even a week old ? I'm sure he shouldn't be looking this alert !!!

He thinks he's Ali G !!

a couple of Juliette to finish off

Here come the big sisters !

What happened to "I'm a big girl now" ?

She got stuck and I had to come and get her out !!

Pierre meets the grandparents !

Grandad actually looks sensible for a minute !!

Nanny imparting words of wisdom ?!

What's Pierre trying to say ?!

Little bro may be here but they still want messy play !!

Now this was a cool prize - not only did they have fun with the sponge painting, there was even the soap to wash their hands afterwards !!

Pierre yesterday - in little man clothes !!

Makes a change from pink, sparkly clothes !!

In the Night Garden !

We may only have a balcony but we can still grow our own ! How cool is this ?!!

mange tout, round carrots and cherry tomatoes (which are so sweet the girls eat them like sweets !!)

soon-to-be-picked chillis !

raspberries - grand total of 5 !!!

and even flowers - baby sunflowers !

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Meet the new man of the house !

Pierre arrived on Friday 17th July at 12.14pm (so we got a 14 in there somewhere !!) weighing 3.705kg and measuring 51cm. I know you just want to see what he looks like so here goes ! ...

Dreaming of being a strong man when he grows up ?

Sleeping peacefully ... until it starts getting dark (Mike'll be in for a shock tonight, he's hardly seen him cry so far !!)

The nurses said he's very "tonique" because he was lifting up his head on day one when you put him on his front to do up his bodysuit. Another little daredevil in the making I think !

His "if you think you're hard enough" face !!