Thursday, 30 July 2009

some photos courtesy of Mamie and Papy last week

proud sister number 1 (first day back from Mamie & Papy's so meeting Pierre for the first time !)

proud sister number 2

Can't think why but ... Why do they look more sensible than the English version ?!!!

the whole family reunited !

does he know he's not even a week old ? I'm sure he shouldn't be looking this alert !!!

He thinks he's Ali G !!


Anonymous said...

I do try to present the true grandad image,honestly,but I just can't keep it up for more than 2 minutes!!!I think Pierre will be getting a book for christmas at this rate,he certainly is all there(unlike his grandad)

claudine said...

waou qu'est ce qu'il a changé déjà !
et sur celles ci de photos qu'est ce qu'il ressemble à Mike !!!

Anonymous said...

Dis donc en une semaine, comme il a changé ! Il fait déjà p'tit mec. Superbe la photo où vous êtes tous les cinq réunis !