Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Meet the new man of the house !

Pierre arrived on Friday 17th July at 12.14pm (so we got a 14 in there somewhere !!) weighing 3.705kg and measuring 51cm. I know you just want to see what he looks like so here goes ! ...

Dreaming of being a strong man when he grows up ?

Sleeping peacefully ... until it starts getting dark (Mike'll be in for a shock tonight, he's hardly seen him cry so far !!)

The nurses said he's very "tonique" because he was lifting up his head on day one when you put him on his front to do up his bodysuit. Another little daredevil in the making I think !

His "if you think you're hard enough" face !!


Anonymous said...

Congratulation for you new bundle of joy!

Carosou said...

Félicitations! Un petit Pierre qui ressemble à son papa ;-)

Anonymous said...

he really is a beautiful little boy ,looks like he will be a very contented baby,perhaps I should now become a sensible grandad !!!(sorry no chance)

claudine said...

hoooooooo ! qu'il est beau ce tit bout !

je trouve qu'il ressemble à Juliette

profitez bien de cette petite merveille

Donna said...

He is gorgeous Cheryl !! Well done hun !!

I luv the 1st photo of him on your legs alot !!

Oh and the next to last photo - I luv the grin on Miles face !!

You both must be so proud and I bet the girls are too !!

Donna said...

Sorry I meant Mike (sorry Cheryl I cant spell today)

Mira said...

Cute boy, good luck to him and you, Mam & Dad, of cause!