Sunday, 31 January 2010

Cheers and tears !

Pierre's Not happy face !

Didn't last long !

aaah back to full-blown smiles !

Cold weather = loads of cooking going on !

we are the cheeky girls ! On the menu today ... fairy cakes !

Sophie feeling very proud because she broke the egg herself and only got two bits of shell in it !

"Can I lick it Mum ? Can I ? Can I ?" Oh go on then, a bit of raw egg never killed anyone in the generations before Edwina Currie !

slight disaster of the hundreds and thousands kind !

Time for silver balls, jelly diamonds, gold and pink icing, sugar flowers (but no more hundreds and thousands, too messy ! )

I think Sophie's face means - stop taking photos Mum and let's eat them !

The pink ones were Juliette's and the gold ones were Sophie's !

Trainee Pizza Chefs

no arguing over the toppings, they made one each !

showing off her new pyjamas from England

and the best bit was, Mum and Dad got to eat the leftovers !

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Done too many new blogposts !

Don't forget to click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page so see the rest of the blog update because it goes over on to page 2 ! ;-)

More photos of Christmas dinner in Brittany

loking all grown up !

Splish splash I was taking a bath !

Family portraits !

wearing the hat and jacket Mamie knitted for him !

First fruit and vegetable purees !

"Hmmm what's this then ?"

"Do you really think I'm going to eat that ?!"

"Nope, not opening my mouth"

"Oooh that's not bad actually !"

Juliette finishing off the end of the pouch

Look at my beard !

Right, what's for dinner tomorrow then ?!
more feeding time photos on the reviews blog here

Haven't had any pictures of me for a while !

Pierre in his new sleepy wrap (which I reviewed here )

Girlie Playtime

with cousin Morgane (who I always thinks looks strangely like me at the same age ! )

the girls loved Pierre's activity arch as much as he did !

Daddy's boy !

just after Christmas dinner at Mamie & Papy's

he's been training with the sealions again !