Monday, 26 October 2009

Even Pierre has to test things for my reviews blog !!

Looking very cute in his Dribblebuster

and his sock-ons !

awwww the terrible trio !!

Chief sweetie-reviewers !

Great work girls !!

Visit from Nanny, Grandad and Auntie Em this weekend

Hmm I guess your living room suddenly looks bigger then !

Lost in each other's eyes !

I wonder what he's thinking !!

Sticking his tongue out for photos already !

He looks like he's hanging on for dear life !

May the force be with you !

Pierre tries out his new chair

before and ...

after it starts vibrating !!

Strike a pose !

Patience is a virtue ! I must have taken about 30 shots to get a few good ones !

Friday, 16 October 2009

Baby it's cold outside

Ever feel like you're in a Hitchcock film ?!

They literally filled up the whole sky

Sleeping like an angel

awwww !

Petite maman

Juliette breastfeeding her doll !!

A few more piccies of the little man !

so ... has he changed since the last photos then ?!

My trusty reviewers !!

Sophie and Juliette testing Huggaluggs - yes, they're legwarmers !! And they haven't taken them off since !!

Pierre in his Boppy pillow !
You'll have to keep an eye on the reviews blogs to see what they thought of them !!

Look what the postie brought ...

Sophie's new Heely's from ebay - just slightly happy, as you can see !

Showing off in his posh new highchair !

Courtesy of the lovely people at Mike's works who had a very generous whip-round. They even paid for the clothes he's wearing too !

He's perfected the art of finger sucking now

Just to prove he does cry sometimes, as everyone always says he so well-behaved all the time !! (He is, most of the time !)
Turning into a right little cutie, even if I say so myself !

Transfixed by his cow toy, which he talks to - but obviously he refuses to do so while I'm filming !!