Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sophie is now a triathlete !!!

original post : 24th July 2008

Well, sort of !! She took part in the McDonalds Kids Iron Tour which was supposed to be a triathlon - swimming 20m, running 500m and cycling 1000m - but the weather was drizzly and windy so they scrapped the swimming bit (which Sophie was pleased about because she's still not an overly confident swimmer ! ) She got loads of goodies - baseball caps, Tshirt, sports drinks bottle, pens, frisbee, and best of all, a medal !! - so she was well chuffed. Even Juliette got some goodies and she must take after her mum too, she ran off to the free snacks stand three times to grab nectarines, babybel cheese and sunny delight drinks to take home for later !!!

Cycling proficiency with the gendarmes (she should get a Tufty Club badge now !!! )

Looking a bit worried because the bike was a bit big !

A medal no less !

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