Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Roll up roll up get your sugarbeet here !!

It's St Martin again so the council give out free sugarbeet to anyone who wants to participate in the sugarbeet competition (everybody gets a prize so needless to say, we do it every year !!!)

First you have to wash all the mud off

Juliette chose the baby beet (you pick your own out of a big skip full of beet)

Sophie wanted big ones

Here we go, time to get messy !!

Hmmmm what's that going to be ?!!

aaggghhhh Juliette with her baby ghost

Sophie with her witch (I can sense a Halloween theme going on here !!)

a ghost, a goldfish and a ladybird !!
Time to drop them off for judging before they go all mouldy and wrinkly !


Anonymous said...

that's very good,we couldn't get sugarbeet when I was a kid so we had to use old boiled potatoes,they took a bit of an effort trying to paint them and they tasted awful ..

Anonymous said...

I love the baby ghost and the green witch!