Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Monday night was St Martin in Dunkirk

Juliette was still scared to death !!

Sophie's been eating Ready Brek again !!

Waiting for the procession to arrive

Wow, he seems to have got younger since we saw him at the town hall 1/2 hour ago !!

Awwww his poor old donkey gets swamped at the end.


Anonymous said...

cor!that third picture down with the two women talking,I don't want to be rude but that woman is scaring the kids,I think she thought it was Halloween all over again,nice to see Phillip Schofield dressing up as the younger (is it father christmas or the magical mystery tour?)

Anonymous said...

I would be scared too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cheryl : go on my blog, I have a surprise for you!