Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Back to school time

The teachers go back to school today (except me - I'm off until 4th December !!) and the girls go back on Thursday - which they're all excited about ! Mike went back to work yesterday. But I'll be home alone (with Pierre) with the builders because the loft conversion starts this morning. The builders were due at 8.30, they showed up at 7.50 so I was still in pyjamas !! They had to drop some equipment off before heading to Calais to get the materials - which they were told on arrival in Dunkirk when they live in Calais so they weren't best chuffed ! It's all happening !! The house is shaking as they're sawing up wood for the flooring but Pierre is asleep in his chair next to me, blissfuly unaware of what's going on !!

Anyway, speaking of school, it's a bit late but these are the pictures from Juliette's kermesse (end of school year dance/school fete) back in July. She may stick her tongue out and pretend to be a cheeky little monkey but she was actually very proud of herself !

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Anonymous said...

yeh....good old English morris dancing I knew it would catch on over there in the end,they've just got a bit confused with the hankies but they will soon learn you are supposed to wave them not wear them