Monday, 22 June 2009

Picnic in the park

As always happens when Mike has to have lunch with a client, we headed off to goat park for a picnic, nature walk, play area and well deserved ice cream !

looking for moles !!

Ahh they've been brought up well, they kept going "ooooh the people on that table were naughty, they left all their rubbish, that's not nice for the planet" !!!

Sophie looking slightly cheesed off because the ice cream she chose ended up smaller than everyone else's !! But it all worked out ok in the end because Juliette wanted to swap anyway !!

Juliette's photo of me - is she trying to tell me something, like ... all we can see now is your huge belly ?!!

Sophie's photo of me !!

The birdhouse in the background - totally mesmerised Juliette because there was a dead bird in there !!!

Look carefully. Arty shot of both girls on the swings !!

I'm sure I have exactly these photos of me when I was a kid - some things never change !!

Getting a bit too big now !

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