Friday, 17 October 2008

A friend in need and all that !!!

I haven't asked you to vote for any voting comps for at least a few weeks so are you ready ? Get those clicking fingers ready !!!

First up :

Please give the video five stars - you can only vote once

The one with the highest number of stars at the end of the month wins a digital camera which would be really cool !

If you want, you can go to the photos bit and give five stars to my photos too !! :


Next :

For the vote to count, you need to click "vote", fill in your surname, first name & email (untick the two boxes so you don't get mail) .Go to your email, click on the top link which will take you back to the photo, then click "vote" again and this time the vote countsYou can reuse the link from your email once a day - they warn you that voting more than once a day or using multiple accounts will lead to disqualification

Top 150 get a prize, ranging from holidays to mouse mats so time will tell what (if anything) we win !!


OK, get ready to blast your eardrums for this next one - the music's really loud and I can't work out how to turn it off !

Look for Sophie with the cherub signs stuck on her glasses (recycling old competition photos now !!!) and vote for her - one off vote and the top ten on 30/11 will go through to the final round judged by a jury


Nearly there !!!

You can first turn the annoying music off in the top right hand corner ! Click on "sommaire" at the top then "lire et choisir parmi les contes"click on "votes" to see the leaderboard then look for mine"Le parfum d'un ange endormi" - Cheryl Pasquier currently on page 4 with 11 votes. Click on it then at the bottom of the right hand page, click on "votez pour ce conte" at the bottom -thanks


That's it for now but I might be back to get you to vote for a Halloween drawing competition in the next few days too !!!

Thanks !!!

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