Friday, 17 October 2008

Looking all grown up now !

Splashing in the sea on a gorgeous sunny day this weekend

Ready for school

Note all the books on the floor - we made about €15 at the book sale last week which isn't huge but it got rid of a boxful of books and patchwork magazines that were clogging up shelves and cupboards !! The girls were chuffed because Muriel, Sophie's old infant teacher that Juliette also knows from school , came and bought some of their books !!

Juliette suddenly seems to have stopped being a baby and turned into a real little girl now, she's even started saying she wants to ba princess now too. And then she piped up : "I'm a big girl now, I can go in grandad's car next time" ! She hasn't forgotten !!! I think this might call for a quick drive around the car park on the next visit over !

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Anonymous said...

Waw, Juliette does look all grown up now. You have 2 beautiful princesses!