Monday, 27 October 2008

It doesn't always work the first time around !!!

After trying out a free sample of microwave popcorn months ago, the girls asked us to look out for it in the shops. I stumbled across some (even better, in the half price reduced for quick sale section !!) when I was in town mystery shopping so I bought four sachets.

The instructions say : Put microwave on highest setting and zap for four minutes.

Then the small print says, the only way to work out the correct cooking time is by trial and error. That's helpful then !!!

The first attempt came out black and smoking, which the girls thought was hilarious !!

Oops, bin that one then !!

Luckily the second attempt worked better - cooking time of two minutes but about a third of the bag didn't pop so I'll have to try three minutes next time !

That's more like it !

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