Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Remember cookery lessons at school ?!!

I dragged out some recipes so old they're still in ounces (and Sophie kept saying "what are ounces ?" !! )

Sophie always loves the sieve - I think it's reminiscent of the sand pit !

Does that feel yucky Sophie ?!

Taking it all very seriously !

Tada - chocolate buns !

Rolling out the pastry

Jam tarts - but they all got stuck and the pastry crumbles
The proof of the pudding is in the eating ...

Tasted nice though !!


Val said...

Miam miam ! bravo les filles ! tu n'as pas un canapé pour nous pour déguster des minis gâteaux !

Anonymous said...

Great cook!

Anonymous said...

Val m'enlève les mots de la bouche


ho je crois que Sophie va venir en vacances chez tata Beddie pour me faire de bons gateaux (hi,hi)