Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Cheeky monkey alert

We haven't got a ghost, that's Sophie's shadow on the door (I hope !!!)

Hmmm time for some serious hairbrushing I think !!

Look Mum, your boots

Look Mum, your trainers ... (usually followed by Look Mum, your bra ... !!! )

Hopefully that's her hair and not scratches on her glasses !

Sophie looking like a scared rabbit in the headlights !!

Isn't it too early for Halloween monsters ?!

*sigh* Being cute is hard work, you know !

Bit out of focus but she looks cute so I'll post it anyway !

Oh blimey, here comes the other one !

A sensible shot to finish off with !


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Anonymous said...

trop rigolottes tes poupounes !