Monday, 27 October 2008

Souvenirs souvenirs !!

Internet is brilliant !!

I looked around for people who were on holiday in Tunisia in the same hotel as us this summer and found a couple who brought home the music with them ! So one of them (who has the same surname as us, that's a bit freaky !!) sent us a CD with all the Tunisian music they used to play every day on it - the girls were already dancing around the room like loonies !!

Then the next day, another woman sent me a few songs from the mini disco !!

Check out Sophie and Juliette doing the Mini Disco dances !!!

It starts off quite slow and sensible ...

Then they go loopy (especially Juliette) !!!

And then there's the other Mini Disco classic, Hey Baby !

Is it me or does Sophie get a sneaky donk on the head in here when she sidles up to Juliette ?!!

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Anonymous said...

ok I've got the ra ra skirt to fit,now just a bit of practice on the dance moves..let's go..heyy hey baby ooooh ahhhg,that's enough of that then,have you got any pink floyd?hang on it works better if you wear the guitar case!!