Monday, 27 October 2008

Not to be outdone by Sophie !!!

I won a competition back in the summer for a bathbomb and a slice of soap, queried it on the forum because it never arrived and they said to take it up with the magazine site running the comp (which I did last week but no response so far).Today, a box arrived from Lush with :
a pot of ocean salt facial scrub
a bar of fées démoniaques soap that smells gorgeous
a bathbomb
a little pot of Potion solid perfume
a little pot of Go Green solid perfume
a little pot of Flying Fox temple balm (which stinks so probably works well !!)
Oooh I love Lush !!!
I looked at the prices on the website and that almost €50 worth !!!

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Anonymous said...

you don't want to eat that stuff it tastes awful,mind you you do get very white teeth and fizzy poo!!!luv..minky