Monday, 27 October 2008

My new toy !!

I cashed in all my points on one of the consumer research panels I do so I could get myself a freebie ice cream machine.
I was a bit disappointed at first because you can't use anything lumpy, including fruit, chocolate or nuts (because they say it'll clog up the nozzle). Bang goes my idea of using up the frozen pineapple then !!
But I tried out nutella ice cream, like the ice cream seller in the park.
The girls wanted to try it out straight away but you have to freeze the bowl for 8-24 hours.
Once that's done, it only takes 20 minutes or so. It says the first bit will come out liquid then after 1 minute, it should start coming out solid.
It never did start coming out solid but the girls were too lipatient to let me keep it going any longer so they ate the whole lot as soup ! Juliette even drank hers with a straw !!! Taste wise it was spot on though, I'll have another go later on and aybe reduce the quantity of milk in it. (Or keep the girls out of the way so I can keep the machine running for longer !!)
Only good thing is, I failed in my mission to buy ice cream cones ... which is just as well or it would have been extremely messy !!!

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Anonymous said...

looks like a black tulip ice contest in the making,fill up the machine,put your mouth under the tap see if you can consume the entire contents in one go,we can check it out on sunday!!!