Saturday, 11 September 2010

Ready for some more happy holiday snaps ?!

As they say in France "c'est le pied" (it's the foot) - which means everything's great fun !

our nightly sunset at dinner (and the girls were off at the kids' table with Omar and the kids club so it was just us & Pierre - not a bad setting for a 10th wedding anniversary !)

supervising Pierre's heat-busting early afternoon nap on the balcony !

This is EXACTLY the sort of pose that had everyone stopping us in the street to stroke his leg or arm !

on the plane on the way home

in honour of Sophie's birthday ! Omar and all the waiters paraded out with sparklers and her cake !

Look mum, a baby lime from the trees !

No Pierre, that's not really what a rubber ring is for !

brotherly/sisterly love !

That's Pierre's food, not mine by the way !

the pool

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