Monday, 2 March 2009

Juliette's birthday

Due to me and the girls being really sick (literally !) with gastric flu, we had to postpone the big birthday meal that was planned and go for (a very watered down) plan B.

So what shall we do today to mark the occasion girls ?

Big girl's hair

Dressing up

Can I be a princess all day long ?

Me too !

A couple of goes on the roundabouts (that are there for carnaval)

And then follow the "bande" to the town hall to get a bag of sweets each

Can I blow the candles out now ?

Don't forget to make a wish (last year's was "Can I go in Grandad's car now ?" !! )


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday little princess!

Anonymous said...

awww really cute,you've got our printer rattling away again!!did you make those candles after you had eaten those dodgy cakes?