Monday, 2 March 2009

They're here !!!

At 1.45am Vicky went into labour and by 4.45 all 6 puppies were here (as seen on the Xray). I went to bed for a while and when Mike went to work this morning, there were 2 extras so we have a grand total of EIGHT puppies ! Sophie thinks they look like hamsters !

BEFORE ! Fit to burst, a couple of days before having the pups !

AFTER ! Eight mouths to feed !

Listen, they sound like the Clangers !!


catherine said...

awwww they are so cute

Anonymous said...

just how did that lot fit into her small tummy?have you told her to do the pelvic floor excercises now and did you help with the push now instructions during the birth?and relax....good job though,she looks a bit shell shocked

Yaya said...

That is just too cute!!