Sunday, 15 March 2009

Like a duck to water !

Despite her best efforts, there is now no way Sophie can fit her feet in the Fisher Price roller skates, even without shoes on ... but I suddenly had a brainwave that I had some adult rollerblades (that I only wore about twice before falling pregnant with Sophie !!). There size 38 and Sophie's only size 34 but it doesn't seem to bother her !!

A bit wobbly !

Juliette on her new scooter (saved from the binmen, along with various other toys, when a house was cleared a few doors down !)

Quiet play - Moon Sand with the boy next door

First time ever trying out the new rollerblades !

Aaaaggghhh crash !!!

You'd never know this is only the second or third time she's been on them !

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you see I told you if you went out on those blades you would end up in the family way but you took no notice!!look out when the circus comes back in town,the girls will be booked up for the summer season!!