Monday, 2 March 2009

Umm I don't remember them tasting like this !!

Here we go again ... OK, let's do something savoury for a change. Cheese puffs. Remember that really old recipe ? Flour, butter, milk, cheese, egg, baking powder ... hmmm haven't got baking powder but bicarbonate of soda should do ! Oh and let's use up the apple muffin mix at the same time.

Splosh !

Can I taste the muffin mix, Mum?

Sophie checks the recipe

Can I lick it ?

"Smile Mum!" Oi that's my job !

Cheese puffs - they look right ... but when I opened the oven it stank of ammonia and if you break the cakes open, they have a faint whiff of ammonia too. So where did that come from ?!

Aaahhh luckily the apple muffins turned out ok !


Anonymous said...

May I come over and have one of your cakes? I can bring some tea, coffee, juice ...

Anonymous said...

drugs are sure that was only bicarbonate of soda??