Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Juliette's school carnival

All dressed up and ready to go - the little boy dressed up as Noddy sitting next to her has the same red and blue glasses and they both love being cheeky and sticking their tongues out at each other !

The little Indian boy is Killian, who is in Juliette's class ... and his big sister Kathleen is in Sophie's class !

Fabienne, Juliette's teacher

And we're off !

Time to jump !

The musicians come out, like for the real carnival bandes !

Back to school - everyone's a bit tired and grumpy after all that walking and jumping !

Ah, Noddy's back !!
What are we waiting for Mum ?

Aaaahhh pancakes !

And drinks

Juliette's classroom

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Anonymous said...

in the photo Fabienne,do you think the woman behind knows she has a cat on her head?and the next photo,I wondered why Pat Butcher hasn't been in eastenders,she's been in your town.looks like a great day though,poor Juliette looks tired out!