Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Feeling fruity !

If you go to the market right at the end and say the magic words "what have you got that needs shifting quick ?", who knows what you'll end up with ?!!

1 crate of over-ripe bananas and mangoes (not to mention the strawberries (Juliette) and pineapple (Sophie) that the girls had chosen to buy before we left !!)

Start of fruit salad - extra ingredient, a bit of hair for added flavour !!!

Even Juliette wants to get involved in the chopping now !!

Right, that's dessert sorted then !

Yumm mango muffins !

and banana bread ... mango jam ... mango brown betty (which is just crumble by another name, if you ask me) .... frozen bananas (ready for smoothies) ...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

get the toilet rolls out!!!!how did you manage to get that lot home?looking forward to some banana tea on sunday