Monday, 27 April 2009

Awwww time to say goodbye already !!

The first two puppies - Eléonore and Elia - are off to their new homes on Wednesday morning so I thought I'd better take loads of photos to remember them by before they go !! Sorry there are so many but I was trying to make sure I got at least one of each of the seven ! They look like reall little dogs now and they're all starting to look different.

General free-for-all

One of the females - always looks sad !

Another female - cheeky chops !

Juliette's still in love with all of them !

But she likes the little ones (mainly females) best of all

one of the big fat lumps (males) !

the biggest one of all - weighed 900g two weeks ago when the other weighed about 600g !!

play fighting

some of them don't mind being used as soft toys !

Life is suddenly going to get a whole lot quieter and calmer (and maybe I'll actually get to sleep through the nights again !!)

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