Thursday, 16 April 2009

It's a (baby) dog's life !

A couple of weeks ago, I won tickets for the whole family to go and see the film 'Marley and Me' at the cinema - it was Juliette's first ever trip to the cinema but she was totally unfazed by the dark and the noise !! (Obviously braver than Sophie at her age !) If you've never heard of the film, it follows the story of a golden labrador called Marley, from his early days as a boisterous little puppy to the end of his life when he's old and worn out and has to be put down. *cue tissues and all the grown ups snuffling while the kids just watch totally unaffected !!!*

Anyway, there's a scene in the film where he's left in the garage on his own and a storm breaks out and he goes totally mental and trashes the joint. Well, if the puppies had been any bigger, that would have been our house last night ! They whined and barked and howled non-stop from 11.30pm to 6am this morning because of the rain and the thunder. I came down at 11.30 for 1/2 hour (and some milk from Vicky) and again at 1.30 (more milk and cuddles) but there was no stopping them. Somehow everyone else slept through it but I got about 1 hour's sleep last night !!

They went to the vet's on Tuesday for their jabs and microchips. I ended up having to stuff them in big jute shopping bags with a towel shoved on top of them to stop them struggling out because the laundry basket idea, courtesy of the vet, lasted all of two seconds before they were squirming all over the floor !! I asked about weaning - he said to put a dish of puppy food in their enclosure, at first they'll show no interest whatsoever but every now and then, they might start taking one piece of food in their outh to play with and get the idea of eating it. Tried when we got home ... they all went totally mad, climbed all over the dish and each other and scoffed the lot in ten seconds flat !!! What do vets know anyway ?!!

And slowly but surely, they're all getting new homes ... but not too far away from us !! Two are going to a woman from the dog groomer's (who is planning on staying in touch and looking after Vicky for us when we go on holiday !!) - one is going to a work colleague of Mike's ... now our next-door neighbour has decided she will take one too ! (Her two boys and she wanted one, her husband didn't - sound familiar ?!! But he gave in after a half day of pleading !!!) And now the old lady at the end of the road is going to ask her son if he wants one !! So there are only three left, maybe two if we convince Mike to keep one !!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! No time to rest as I see. Well, two weeks to go and your house will be quiet. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that Mike agrees to keep one of them.

Anonymous said...

do you remember Jenny used to sit under the table shaking to bits during a storm,Sam is not bothered at all even fireworks don't seem to worry him.I bet the girls will be upset when the dogs start going,still soon be a little brother to fill the gap,and of course always the possibility Mike might cave in with three females on his case,(I know that feeling,you're never going to win!!!)