Thursday, 8 July 2010

Storytime ... Gracolocks and the 3-in-1 Chairs !

Are you sitting comfortably ? Then I'll begin ... !

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Juliette ... oops I mean Gracolocks, who was walking through the forest when she came to a little house. Being a curious, cheeky little girl (which is just a nicer way of saying nosey and rude !) , she wandered straight in and started looking around.

First of all, she came across three bowls of porridge in the kitchen - one small, one medium-sized and one big. Being well-versed in her bedtime classics, she immediately thought to herself, "Oh crikey, I'd better get my snooping around done before Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear get back ... or until I wake up out of this dream" !

Shooting upstairs, she came across three chairs - one small, one big and one medium sized.

Followed by three pairs of shoes - one small, one big and one medium-sized.

Glancing at the three different-sized beds, she dismissed those immediately, thinking to herself "Who wants to go to sleep when they're in the middle of an exciting fairy tale adventure/dream ? Not me, that's for sure ! Naptime's for babies !"

Skipping back outside and peeking in the garage, she saw the Three Bears' Car - but she wasn't sure if it was a Bear-ntley or a BMW (Bears' Mechanized Wheels). (These are the jokes, folks !) Knowing that even if this was a dream, bears can't drive, Gracolocks peered into the back seat expecting to see three car seats, one small, one medium-sized and one big. But there weren't - there was only one.

Suddenly the three bears arrived and said, "Oi, get your hands off our Nautilus car seat. It's a 3-in-1 car seat that fits small, medium and big-sized bears so unlike everything else in our house, we don't need three of them. One does the job."

Then Mum woke me up and said "Hello, Sleepyhead. Did you fall asleep dreaming of testing out your fab new carseat at the weekend ? You've been dribbling all over the settee" !

Not long to go Gracolocks (and Sophie and Pierre) - I promise we'll test it out next weekend !


Anna Guest said...

LOL !! What a fantastic review, very witty :) love the play on words.

The car seat is very clever ... is it heavy? What about getting it in and out of the car? (Should you need to at any point).

Cheryl said...

LOL Thanks, we had great fun writing this review - the girls kept running off finding things to take photos of !

The Nautilus is quite heavy but no more so than a normal car seat really. It's really easy to install too ... "proper" review coming up next week :-)

Jo said...

Heehee, love the Three Bears take.
Interesting to ee if the chair is the perfect "Happy ever after"

Danieka said...

Love it :o) Looking forward to hearing the full review.

Dee said...

Brilliant review Cheryl. The girls look like they had a ball helping you with it. Very interesting car seat too - flexible and terrific for a range of ages.

Jacqueline said...

He he....clever story and clever car seat !

Emma said...

I can't wait for the next installment, this review made me chuckle.

Great comments, glad its not heavy or only as bulky as other brands ... good information to know.

susan said...

lol thats was brilliant made me laugh looks as though your kids enjoyed helping you