Monday, 12 July 2010

Graco Nautilus car seat - now comes with free playhouse !

After the defrosting freezer fiasco and having to buy a new one, I promised Sophie and Juliette that we'd make the box into a playhouse - as I remember doing when I was a kid and my mum got a new freezer delivered ! They were gutted when it was delivered without a box !

Then I remembered that the Graco Nautilus car seat box was almost as big as Juliette so that gave me an idea ...

You can tell I watched Blue Peter in my youth ! Mister Maker would be proud of me !!

But that wasn't anywhere near messy enough so it was time to paint it !

They spent the whole weekend playing it !!

So it's not just a 3-in-1 car seat - it's also an eco-friendly playhouse !!

Serious review coming up shortly on my reviews blog , I promise !!

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Jeanette said...

So it has multiple uses then I see :)